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Internet Computer Ecosystem
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The DFINITY Foundation’s mission is to build, promote, and maintain the Internet Computer — the world’s first web-speed, internet-scale public blockchain. It enables smart contracts to securely serve interactive web content directly into the browsers of end users, making it possible to build dapps, DeFi, open internet services, and enterprise systems that are capable of operating at hyperscale. The Internet Computer uses smart contracts to power an emerging decentralized ecosystem of interoperable dapps and services, where nearly every system and service can run in reimagined form on public blockchain.

The Web3 Venture Studio empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to build and earn on the Internet Computer.

Yumi.io is a tech-driven platform. With a focus on innovation, they provide solutions that cater to diverse client needs, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and digital experiences.

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DSCVR is a groundbreaking decentralized social platform built entirely on the Internet Computer (ICP). Major social networks have become immensely powerful and core to the way we communicate as a society, yet they are distrusted by their own users. DSCVR is a new kind of social network that presents the potential of a different future.

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Decentralization, Transparency and Autonomy are the core values of DAOLink. At DAOLink we are at the forefront of decentralized community governance, initiating projects that reshape industries, from finance to technology, we build DAOs that matter. DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations which are governed by members. They run on smart contracts using blockchain technology, enabling trustless collaboration and decision making. DAOLink is renowned for having helped Ethereum investors retrieve their $ETH during the infamous hack of 2016 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_DAO. After seven years of continuous improvements, DAOLink announced in Dec 2023 the participation in the launch of The Gold DAO - https://www.gold-dao.org/.

We build professional tools and services on the decentralized web.

SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a Cross-Game Fun-2-Earn Multi-Chain NFT Gaming MetaVerse.

Build, manage and ship dApps with just a few clicks

Dapp development platform | InternetComputer | #8YearGang

CoreLedger helps early-stage blockchain projects solve their initial challenges, get a prototype or live product with as little coding as possible, do successful pitches and go to market as quickly as possible.

Shiku empowers people and companies to imagine, create, own and govern this new era of collaboration, communication and connection in the Metaverse.

We're a web3.0 Managed Service Provider and Benelux' first Node-Management-as-a-Service provider (NMaaS).