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The Web3 Venture Studio empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to build and earn on the Internet Computer.

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Fleek makes it easy to build and integrate privacy, encryption, and p2p functionality into your sites, web & native apps. Built on top of IPFS, Textile, & Filecoin, our suite of products allows you to effortlessly take advantage of the benefits of these new technologies.

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The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission is to build, promote, and maintain the Internet Computer — and by doing so, improve the world. The Internet Computer extends the functionality of the internet from connecting billions of people to providing millions of developers and entrepreneurs with a public compute platform — creating a revolutionary new way to build websites, enterprise systems and internet services within an open environment. This public software development platform is created by independent data centers around the world combining computing power using an advanced decentralized protocol called ICP. In turn, this generational shift in computing aims to take on Big Tech and return the internet back to its free and open roots. DFINITY was founded in 2016 by Dominic Williams.

Yumi is an ultra-fast, low-cost, and 100% decentralized NFT marketplace.

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DSCVR is a groundbreaking decentralized social platform built entirely on the Internet Computer (ICP). Major social networks have become immensely powerful and core to the way we communicate as a society, yet they are distrusted by their own users. DSCVR is a new kind of social network that presents the potential of a different future.

We build professional tools and services on the decentralized web.

SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a Cross-Game Fun-2-Earn Multi-Chain NFT Gaming MetaVerse.

Build, ship and manage dapps faster on internet computer.

Dapp development platform | InternetComputer | #8YearGang

Shiku empowers people and companies to imagine, create, own and govern this new era of collaboration, communication and connection in the Metaverse.

We're a web3.0 Managed Service Provider and Benelux' first Node-Management-as-a-Service provider (NMaaS).

ICME is a trailblazing no-code website and application builder for the Internet Computer.